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Marijuana Dip Card – 4 Level test – THC/15, THC/50, THC/100, THC/200

Forensic Use only
As low as $0.59 per drug test dip

Parameter: THC
Calibrator: 11-nor- Δ9-THC-9-carboxylic acid
Cut-off(ng/mL): X 15/50/100/200


Fentanyl Drug test – FYL strips

As low $0.55 per drug test strip!!!!

Fentanyl urine drug testing strips that detect the presence of fentanyl

Results within 5 minutes with 99% accuracy

Affordable Fentanyl Test Strips. All of our urine drug screen tests are affordable and may be purchased in bulk for a discount.



ETG Test Strips – (pack 25) – Alcohol Test

As low as $0.69 per drug test strip


Kratom Test – Kratom Cartridge – wholesale

As low as
$0.99 per drug test


HCG Test Strips – Pregnancy Test

As Low as $0.31 each test strip


PCP Drug Test – Pack 25

(Pack 25)
$0.79 per drug test strip